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The skin is the biggest organ of our body and it acts as a protective layers against bacteria and other harmful germs. Everyday our body is assaulted by harmful chemicals, dirt and grime. It needs special attention. By scrubbing while bathing, you can remove the dead cells, it increases and stimulates the blood supply of the body, and it leaves the skin well toned and fresh. After a hard day's work, whether in your work place or at home, having a bath takes out all the tiredness, the dust particles and makes you feel rejuvenated. So keeping clean helps the overall body in all ways and it is healthy for the skin as well.

Water is a good source of removing toxins from the body. It purifies the body. A warm water bath open the pores of the body, helping to cleanse it. It also helps to have an oil massage, followed by a warm water bath, helping the oil to reach the pores of the body. Cold water cleanses the pores too and closes the, it also increases the metabolism of the body. So we should be aware of the uses and benefits of using cold and warm water. Being fully immersed in water for a period of time purifies it. Extreme hot water is not cold for the body as it makes the skin loose and dry.

Rivers, oceans, lakes and hot springs are definitely valuable resources. You should try to fully immerse yourself in water and try to meditate, it helps relax the state of the mind. Having a bath on a regular basis can be spiritual purification. Drinking good water is important, but bathing daily is the best and easiest way to clean the energy body, which gives us good physical health. Our body is gets loaded with the toxins from the products we use, the food we eat and the water we drink due to contamination. These toxins cannot escape from our bodies as it is clogged with chemicals, animal fats, oils, wax residues and alcohol. Drinking plenty of water starts the process of detoxifying the body internally and then it continues externally, showing the difference in the body.

Benefits Of Bath:
Bathing helps you to clean out the residue from the skin, pores, face and scalp and helps your body to be the way it was supposed to be. Here are some of the other benefits:
1. Circulation Booster: Finishing off your bath with cold water helps boost your circulation. It will also make you feel warmer once you get out of the shower. It also works well if you concentrate the blasts of cold water on cellulite-prone areas, as this stimulates the sluggish circulation in the spots.
2. Boosting Benefits: If you pat yourself dry after a bath, it will help you to unwind, whereas briskly rubbing your skin with a towel will help to invigorate you.
3. Shower Sensation: Add a few drops of essential oils to the floor of the shower itself. As they evaporate you will find that you are surrounded by a sensuous-smelling mist while you wash your body. Rosemary, peppermint and basil are classic refreshers, while grapefruit blended with geranium makes a stimulating mix.
4. Relaxing: The ultimate relaxing bath is around 38 degrees Centigrade, this is the temperature thats's been shown to relax the muscles and stimulates the production of calming chemicals in the brain. Add soothing bath oils containing scents like lavender, melissa or patchouli. Before you get in the bath gently exfoliate with a loofah, as this will help your body absorb relaxing oils a lot more effectively. Turn down the lights, pop some flower petals on the top. Stay in there for 20 to 30 minutes, enjoying the peace and silence.
5. Soothing: Back and shoulder aches seem to be a common part of many people's working lives but you can help heal these things in the bath. Epsom or sea salts contain ingredients that, when absorbed by the body, have an anti-inflammatory action. Add to this the healing benefits of hot water and it's easy to see how a bath can soothe away the aches and pains of the day. Run water of around 38 degrees Centigrade and add some Epsom salts or mineral-based bath salts. Lie under the water and try a spot of hydrotherapy. Turn the shower head on a full blast and put it into the water, directing the jet onto your back and shoulders to give an excellent underwater massage.
6. Smoothing: - Baths can help you create super smooth skin if you know how. Try out the following suggestions:
- Start with damp skin and apply an exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin cells.
- Run a bath that's warm enough to sit in comfortably, but not too hot (hot water will only dehydrate the skin).
- Add a pint of milk or cream. These contain ingredients like whey protein which hydrate the skin.
- Relax for 20 minutes (the optimum time for hydration) and gently massage the water into your skin.
- Get out and lightly pat yourself dry.
- Before the last drops of water absorb into your skin, apply a rich body lotion.
7. Energising: Most of us use the bath to relax and the shower to give us that get up and go, but it does'nt have to be that way. Sitz baths (where the upper and lower body are exposed to different temperatures) have been used for years to energize and invigorate the body. Here's how to create the effect. Run a bath warm enough to sit in. Put in energizing bath foams or oils, concentrating on scents like lemon, orange or grapefruit. Before you get in, brush your body vigorously to start your circulation soaring. Use firm quick strokes, moving up towards the heart. Get in the bath and relax for five to ten minutes with a cup of peppermint or green tea, with your feet at the end near the taps. Start running cold water over your feet to boost your metabolism and to energize. Get out when the water has cooled. Apply body lotion and you'll be set to face the day.
8. Detox: Normally, we take baths to make us clean. Here's how to do some serious, deep-down cleansing. Make sure your bathroom is warm enough and start off with an empty bath. Using a few handfuls of damp sea salt, exfoliate your body from head to toe using big circular movements. Rinse this off, then towel-dry well. Apply a mud or seaweed mask to your whole body for a great detox (dont worry if things start to get messy) and wrap yourself in a towel, preferably one you dont mind getting filthy. Even better, get someone to wrap your body in a bin bag (obviously keeping your head well clear). Relax for 20 minutes. Shower off the mask and then run a warm bath. Add more seaweed mixture or some green clay (which you'll find at many health food stores). Relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Finish with a blast of cold water to boost your circulation.

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