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15 Minutes Exercise Routine

Exercise On The Go

Try to imagine you are a fitness enthusiast who must follow her fitness regime regularly. But if you have a hectic schedule, a job which is jet setting and then at times you are on a long vacation. What will happen to your fitness schedule, it will obviously go for a toss and kept aside. But there is nothing to worry about it. Not following a routine does have its adverse effect as well as positive aspects too. A strict workout regimen exercises only a set group of muscles giving you both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. What you must do is make the best of the resources which is around you. Without realizing it, you are probably exercising far more than you think. Try to add up the number of times you go up and down stairs in a normal day, and then think about how easily you could do it even more. People actually buy or work out on stair exercise machines when they have a perfectly good set at home. Don't lug a single huge basket of laundry when taking it up in two or three small basket loads will be easier on your back and better on your legs and heart. Likewise, if you have an upstairs bathroom. use that one instead of a downstairs one. When you do your household chores, put music on and get dancing while you Hoover, you will have fun, exercise and have a clean carpet. Leave the car in the garage and walk and cycle more. And if you do have to use your car to go shopping, make sure you use the shopping bags to do a few arm lifts on the way back into the house. If you have to bend to put food and other items into cupboards, bend at the knees and raise yourself slowly to get a great toning action on your upper leg muscles. You can even exercise in the bath, and this is particularly good for the elderly as the weight of the water supports your limbs. To be safe, invest in a rubber bath mat to avoid the chance of slipping, and try some gentle leg lifts. While you sit in the bath, you can try to touch your toes or even do some light sit-ups.

You Will Find Fitness Tools Everywhere:
You will find that not all hotels have workout facilities. While travelling, keep easy to pack items handy. Carry a pair of walking shoes while going for a walk in the park along with a bottle of water. The weight of the bottle boosts the heart rate and keeps the body moving. There are staircases and benches all around us and benches and PLyometric steps. Use them as exercise tools.

Keep The Pace By Moving:
If you are going sight seeing and are on a full day tour, take a 20--30 minute brisk walk instead of a stroll. If you are attracted towards the sea shore, go for a swim, trekking, hiking or play beach ball, and see the calories burn.

During Flights Stay Fit:
Travelling long distance in flights can cramp the body and ache the muscle joints and tire the lower back, shoulders and neck. You can do stretching and breathing exercises. This will help you with blood circulation, proper posture and reduce muscle tension. Flexing, rotating and relaxing your feet will help relieve fluid retention and stiffness in the leg joints.

Beat Your Busy Schedules:
You can maintain your busy schedule and meeting clients and attending business dinners by being prepared always: Keep a bag with fitness essentials handy to avoid scrambling when a new trip pops up. A pair of gym shoes, a sports top and tracks will do. Working out in the mornings: Do an early morning workout which will ensure that you remain energetic and make it your daily practice. You cannot predict what plans can change during the day such as the meeting can be extended into a business dinner and different things.

Have Knowledge About Gym Partnerships:
If you want to use gym services across the country, then a home-gym memberships allows you to do so. If your gym does not have branches elsewhere, check if is associated with the International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association, it will allow you to use the privileges to use them at a small fee. Local health clubs allow to use their health club at day rates and some hotels too have their own gym which you can use.

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