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Recovery From Sports Or Exercise Injury

When you talk about sports and exercise, you talk about the positive aspects of it and how good it is good for you. Regular exercise helps to keep one fit and healthy, gives strength and mobility, improving the mental balance of an person, allowing daily activities to be performed easily, and maintaining one's body weight. Before you start any exercise regimen, it is advisable to consult your doctor. More important is to consult your doctor if you don't exercise at all and there is no physical activities in your life.

Types Of Injuries And Causes:

  1. Most commonly, injuries usually occur during exercise or sports activities, but it can easily be avoided. Excessive stress on the body due to exercise can cause injury like causing trauma to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fascia and bone. There are other factors like training errors to exercise without sufficient time to recover, excess load, building group of muscles together and continuous use of the same movement patterns, stressing on the same part of the body, environmental conditions such as excessive running on banked tracks, which stresses the limbs completely and not using good training equipment or even using unaccustomed motions, such as that on an elliptical trainer or even a broken arm.
  2. Swimming uses every part of the body but may be least prone to overuse injuries because it has protective effects, although they still are at risk, particularly in the shoulders, from which most movement occurs.
  3. There are a variety of sports where a sports hernia is often occurred. When there is a weakening in the muscles of the abdominal wall, then sports hernia occurs. Treatment of a sports hernia may require surgery if the symptoms are not cured with medicines.
  4. Yoga is a great and oldest addition to any fitness training routine, but we mustn't overlook that there has been a steady rise in yoga-related injuries.
  5. Blunt athletic trauma can result in injuries such as soft-tissue contusions, concussions, and fractures. Due to high impact collisions with objects or athletes, injuries occur such as being roughed up in football or checked into the sideboards in hockey, falls, and direct blows in boxing or marshall arts, etc.
  6. Strains and sprains can occur due to various reasons. These harm the muscles and ligaments and occur when forceful pressure is put on the body such as during running, sudden change in directions and during playing football.Most often you will find that runners sustain injury after too rapidly increasing their intensity or length of workouts. Even during practice in strength training, this is most common when sudden jerks take place and a person quickly yanks or drops at a load rather than moving slowly.
  7. Bashed shins is a telltale sign of a mountain biker who doesn't wear clip on shoes. While cycling, the path is uneven and if shin pads are not used, it is likely that an accident will occur.
  8. Bruises are most common in sports. But they are nothing to worry about as they are busted vessels in the skin, and the blood will diffuse within days and the bruise will fade.
  9. Cuts and punctures when a piece of equipment breaks into the skin.
  10. Concussions happens when there is a blow to the head during a game such as football, cricket or volleyball.

Sports or exercise injury always results in pain, which could be mild or severe, depends on the intensity. Physical signs may be absent or may include any type of soft-tissue edema, erythema, warmth, point tenderness, dislocation, ecchymosis, instability, and loss of mobility.

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