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12 Ways To Up Your Fitness Level

1. They Could Save Your Life: First of all, ditch the following words/phrases from your vocabulary instantly. Laziness, lack of time, no motivation, exhaustion. Done? Pat on the back. Now, pay close attention: Small, easy, simple and absolutely do-able things, taken from your daily routine, can help you stay healthy and fit. You don't have to necessarily pump iron for hours, sweat buckets or contort your body and torture it, in an effort to cut the flab. Short bursts of physical activity that add up to nothing more than a few minutes a day could be just as effective in keeping one's health as a planned daily workout at the gym. Which means, simple things like just cleaning up your room, to pick the towel from the floor, or putting things back where they belong, can make you fitter. So move that body to get into killer form.

2. Hobbies That Make You Groove:
Who doesn't like listening to music. So hop around the room, do your own little jig, dance like no one is watching and see those calories met off you. Gifting yourself a healthy hobby, one that keeps you on your toes for at least 20 minutes a day, could be your first step on the path to good health. Take your neighbour's dog for a walk for about half an hour. Alternately, you could try to pretty up your pad and burn some inches. Household chores help too, anything that involves you constantly bending is a good workout. In fact, gardening for about half an hour easily burns 500 calories.

3. Sleep Your Way Through It:
Sleep can be described as your body's "me-time", a time when it repairs the wear-and-tear it suffers through the day. It is very important to stick to your biorhythm, which means you should work through the day, but sleep early in the night. Keep your partying plans for the weekends. Substantial medical evidence suggests fascinating links between sleep and weight. Ghrelin, which stimulates appetite and Leptin, that sends a signal to your brain when you are full, influence our appetite, and the production of both these hormones could be influenced by how much or how little we sleep. So if you sleep the recommended 7-8 hours a day, you could naturally shed some weight.

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out A Few Minutes Of Peace Everyday:
Meditation is not something that only ascetics indulge in. It is simply a technique to watch and control your breath that works wonders for your health. 18 minutes of meditation in the morning and evening calms you down, reduces stress, and normalizes your blood pressure. Even if you can't do it twice a day, try doing it once daily and see the difference. Additionally, because of the calming and de-stressing benefits of meditation, you are less likely to reach out for that bag of chips the moment something slightly stressful occurs. It is also well-known that meditation increases self-awareness, so that chances of you succumbing to emotional eating/bingeing are less likely.

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