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Diet To Accompany A Steady Walking Regimen

Walking, as an exercise, often does not top the priority of people hoping to lose weight. It is perceived as a low intensity workout that is best suited for the middle-aged or elderly. Let me assure you that you can achieve weight loss and blast belly fat by simply walking and following a healthy diet. A correct eating plan, with all the nutrients in the right proportions makes you healthy and also keeps your weight under control.

Modifying your existing diet is a better option than starting on a new fad diet that advocates a certain food type or only fluids. You should choose a diet that you can follow realistically, only then will you be able to stick to it.

The first step in correcting your eating pattern is to understand that calories are important. You need a certain amount to see you through the day and stay healthy. If you are a healthy, 50 year old woman, 160 cm tall and weighing 58 kg, your daily calorie requirement based on your lifestyle should be:

Sedentary - 1500 Kcal
Moderately active - 1900 Kcal
Very active - 2200 Kcal.

These are average figures. A professional nutritionist would be able to give you a more accurate reading. Many people do not get enough calories and eat less than what their body requires. This leads to malnourishment and also creates a hoarding tendency in the system. The body goes into deprivation mode and refuses to let go of the weight.

For best results, eat 3 meals, and at least 2 snacks, in a day. To help you achieve weight loss through walking, make a simple food plan. If required, substitute the food items, but consume small portions.

Diet Plan To Accompany A Steady Walking Regimen bullet

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