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What Goes Into Your Hair Products

In days gone by haircare ingredients simply determined how a particular product smelt, now they can do everything from thicken to colour the hair. Hair care products are a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry, whether you are strolling through the local drugstore, supermarket, health food store, or your favourite salon, the selection of hair care formulas can be quite confusing, to say the least. There are many of them. So now we go about how to choose the ones that will be the best for your hair.

Qualities Of An Ideal Hair Product:

According to this list of desirables attributes, we want products that:

  • Cleanse without stripping natural oils.
  • Replace lost protein, moisture, and nutrients.
  • Increase and fortify the strength and elasticity of the hair.
  • Protect the hair cuticle.
  • Condition without 'weighing down' the hair or building up on the scalp.
  • Even out porosity and prevent moisture loss.
  • Smooth abraded cuticle scales and lock in moisture while creating brilliant shine.
  • Prevent intense drying from the environment through the use of sunscreens.
  • Give an exceptional tactile quality of 'feel' to the hair.

Marching Products To Your Hair:

If you have straight hair, it is best to use a shampoo which gives volume with the same type of conditioner. You should also follow a protein treatment to improve the strength of the fine hair. For fine hair or medium hair, be sure to use an everyday shampoo with a finishing conditioner. Look for products that make hair sleek, glossy and shiny. For hair that is coarse and thick, a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is apt. Leave-in conditioners are best for straight hair giving it moist.
For girls who have curly fine hair, it is best to use a shampoo that is especially made for this kind of hair used with a leave-in conditioner. Also use a spray on thermal protectant for blow drying and flat ironing. Moisturizing curly hair keeps it hydrated.
If the hair is damaged due to perms, colouring, excessive blow-drying, relaxers, sun damage or by hot ironing, then use a gentle cleansing shampoo with a leave-in conditioner. For damaged hair, hair masks are best.

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