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Styling the hair can be a big part of your beauty regime. There is nothing better than looking your best when you step out of the house. With your personal touch and a little care will help you achieve your goal by using the right products. The right styling products and proper practice helps you to achieve a salon finish at home. The various products help you to do it in style.


Gel is used for precise styling and is a sculpting lotion, it comes in different degrees of viscosity, from a thick based jelly to a liquid spray. It can be used to create tendrils and curls, lift hair, tame wisps, make a particular style, head set and give structure to curls. Wet gel can be used for sculpting styles.
Gel Tips: A gel can be revitalized the following day by running wet fingers through the hair, against the direction of the finished look.

Hair Spray:

Traditionally, a hairspray was used to hold a style in place, today varying degrees of stiffness are available to suit all needs. Use hairspray to keep the hair in place, get curl definition when scrunching, and mist over rollers when setting.
Hairspray Tips: A light application of spray on a hairbrush can be used to tame flyaway ends. Use hairspray at the roots and tong or blow-dry the area to get immediate lift.


The most versatile styling product, mousse comes as a foam and can be used on wet or dry hair. Mousse has conditioning agents and proteins to nurture and protect the hair. They are available in different strengths, designed to give soft to maximum holding power, and can be used to life flat roots or smooth fizz. Use when blow-drying, scrunching and diffuser drying.
Mousse Tips: Make sure you apply mousse from the roots to the ends, not just in a blob on the crown. Choose the right type for your hair. Normal is good for a great many styles, but if you want more holding power, don't just use more mousse as it can make hair dull; instead, choose a firm or maximum-hold product.


This is for shine and softness of the hair, it is a microscopic film on the surface of the hair, and are made from oils or silicones. Formulations can vary from light and silky to heavier ones with distinctly oily feel. They also smooth the cuticle, encouring the tiny scales to lie flat and thus reflect the light and make the hair appear shiny.

Hair Styling Or Setting Lotions:

This lotion containing flexible raisins protect the hair from heat damage and form a film on the hair and help in setting. It can be used for roller-setting, scrunching, blow-drying and natural drying.
Styling Lotion Tip: If using a styling lotion for heat-setting look out for formulations that offer thermal protection.

Waxes, Pomades And Creams:

Made out of natural waxes, such as carnauba which are softened with other ingredients such as mineral oils and lanolin to make them pliable. Some have vegetable wax to give gloss and are available in soft and hard formulations. Others are water soluble and foam and leave no residue, and it controls fizz.

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