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Sun Protection: Too much of exposure to the sun is very harmful for the skin. Let's find out how to make herbal sunscreens, and popular skin care treatments.more

Get Silky Smooth Skin: You may be among those who camouflage skin under make-up, but this season, looking good is all about having a naturally radiant complexion and a glowing body..more

A Complete Skin Care Equipment Kit:Creating perfect skin takes the right products - here's what you will need... more

Holiday Skincare: There's nothing that lifts your spirits like spending time in the sunshine on a vacation. Although a certain amount of sunshine is actually good for our bodies, it is important that you take special care of your skin when on a holiday...more

Skin Care

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Skin Care By Season: Along with the changes in weather, our skin care regimes also must be altered to suit the changes in skin condition

Summer: Summer heat and humidity increases oiliness and makes your overactive T-Zone difficult to manage. Acne, Pimples and sunburns seem to be the common problems.more

Autumn : Fall continues to be a favorite season. There's something alive in the air with the cool crisp breezes and the beauty of the changing colors. However, the skin typically finds October to be problematic. Not only does the skin start to develop patchy dryness, but a variety of skin diseases from eczema and psoriasis to seborrhea and pityriasis rosea start to flare.. more

Winter: Incorporate these skincare moves into your beauty routine and see your dull winter skin turn radiant and glowing in time for the winter festivities.. more

Seasonal Skincare By Skin Types : Make changes to your seasonal skin care routine, according to your skin.. more

Age Specific Skin Care: It is impossible to turn back the clock and halt the aging process, but you can take steps to prevent skin damage..more

How To Get A Fair Complexion: One can improve one's skin tone by following a regular skin care regime..more

Men's Skin Care

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Men have approx. 20% oilier skin and larger pores than women. The average cosmopolitan man has an image that is very different from the conventional masculine man that women would dream of earlier. He is the metro sexual man. Centuries in a row, men gave little importance to physical appearance, They were concerned to stand out by physical force, the strength to fight nature, to celebrate qualities all the male category of "alpha" to impress a woman with muscles.


Glow Guide For Brides

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Get prepared for your D-Day well in advance, with an enhancing skin and body beauty and health regime, you will not only look your best on your wedding day but also be a confident, glowing bride in a month's time or maybe even in less you will be taking the most crucial vow of your life. ou will be making that all important transition. more

Easy Home Remedies For Brides: Even if you have been neglecting it so far, start a rigorous skincare regime at least a month before your wedding. Two professional facials during this period supplemented by these at-home treatments will take care of your skin and hair problems before your D-Day..more


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Preparing Essential Oils For Application : Essential Oils can be added to a range of carrier bases: vegetable oils, unscented lotion or cream. The choice of base depends on how the mixture is to be used, and is also a matter of personal preference.more

Aromatherapy Techniques : Gentle, simple application techniques mean that Aromatherapy can be used safely at home by People of all age groups. Essential oils can be used in Baths, Drinks, Inhalations, Gargles. vaporizers, compresses and massage for complete beauty and well-being treatments...more

Using Aromatherapy In Pregnancy: Aromatherapy can bring relief from the many minor troubles which can occur during pregnancy... more

Aromatherapy To Beat Stress: There are several aromatherapy practices that you can use at home for day-to-day relaxation.. more

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