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Bangladesh to stop searching for shipwrecks still looking for 61 missing persons August 11, according to foreign media reports, the 11th, Bangladesh rescue workers said, after futile efforts, they will stop the search for the wreckage of the sunken ferry, but will continue to search for missing persons. In charge of rescue operations, said Saiful Hasan, despite the use of the woolrich outlet latest metal, search for the wreck of effort has been to no avail, while they are also subject to severe weather disturbances, and therefore will give up the search for the vessel. However, rescue workers will continue to search for missing persons in the river, rescuers have found 46 bodies from the river. On scarpe hogan outlet the other hand, after the verification of the list of missing persons, there are 61 people confirmed missing, which compared with the previous statistics over a hundred people, a larger cut. Some evening when four local police said, a ship called the "Pinak-6" ferry at 37 kilometers southeast of the capital, Dhaka, Padma river sank the ship carrying about peuterey outlet 200 passengers. But there piumini woolrich are survivors in an interview that the incident occurred piumini woolrich aboard the ferry seriously overloaded boat carrying at least 300 people. Bangladesh are about more than 200 rivers, shipping piumini woolrich is one of the main modes of transportation. Since many ferry disrepair, piumini moncler with overloaded serious accidents have occurred when the wreck. According to Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Department statistics, the country's annual average of about 1,000 people died in the sinking.             
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